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Splendid Living Room Interior

Great cozy holiday mood that is present in this luxury living room interior is based on the perfect combination of ingenious design ideas, colors, textures and materials. Overall, the apartment interior design corresponds to the fine tradition of modern classics. Elegant and noble traits of the apartment perfectly emphasize respectability of the apartment owners, as well as their exquisite taste. The living room interior design is intended to give joy from a cozy rest in comfortable surroundings. In each project interior designers Dubai bring unique interior solutions. The living room is decorated with exquisite columns, the trunk of which is decorated with artistic painting. White capitals in the form of open lilies in the place of connection to the ceiling surface along the perimeter are outlined with soft illumination. The interior radiates a pleasant warmth and tenderness. Wooden floor of valuable species, which is covered with varnish, contributes to this. An exquisite marble fireplace and soft carpet in the middle of the room continue a warm mood. Corner room with large windows looks bright and warm thanks to well-chosen range of colors. Curtains made of precious beige silk framу translucent milky tulle. Luxury furniture is upholstered in noble textiles with printed patterns. To fit modern gadgets succinctly into the classical interior, the designers used a rich carved decor. Living room design sets happy emotions and light festive mood.

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